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Get Back To Your Prime

Prime Men’s Health is one of the leading health and wellness facilities for men in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Specializing in testosterone replacement therapy, sexual wellness, and much more, Prime Men’s Health offers services that are sure to get you back to your prime.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Sexual Wellness

Your Prime Time is Now

Complimentary Consultation

Are you suffering from ED or symptoms of low T? We can pinpoint the cause of your ailments without you having to pay a penny.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Your health is not a statistic. We’ll conduct a detailed individual assessment to find the best solution for your body—not just anybody.

Weight Loss

Not feeling like your old self? Our bioidentical hormone therapy can help you shed pounds, gain muscle, and get you back to your prime.

Clients share their experience

Since I turned 60, I’ve been struggling in many different aspects of my life. I’ve seen my energy decline, it’s difficult to keep weight off, etc. Prime Men’s Health has helped me regain my confidence and I’m on the road to looking and feel better than I have in years.
Jim V. in North Oaks, MN
I’ve been looking for ways to feel better about myself, and Prime Men’s Health delivered. The doctors worked with me to find solutions best for my lifestyle. It’s been amazing to see my energy return. I’m even running again.
Darren B. in Victoria, MN
Getting older has been hard for me. Prime Men’s Health has been the answer to helping me feel better, stay more active and even connect more with my wife. I’m so glad I found them.
Arnold M. in Edina, MN

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Do you feel like you have less energy and sexual drive? Contact us for a complimentary consultation and get back to your prime.